RE’13 is now over - thank you for joining us!


  • RE’13 presentation slides now available from the Downloads page.

Key Dates in 2013

  • July 15: Doctoral Symposium
  • July 15-16: Workshops & Tutorials
  • July 17-19: Main Conference

RE Interactive – What’s it all about?

Welcome to RE Interactive, where our goal is to improve the conference experience, however we can, with a focus on fostering interaction between participants.

Creative Collisions (Wednesday @ 4:30pm)

The highlight of the RE Interactive effort is the “Creative Collisions” session. Participants in this session will be randomly paired with other participants for 15 minute working sessions where they will mix their knowledge and expertise to produce some creative result: hence the term “collisions”. Possible creative results could include the creation of one or more of the following:

  • Research program mission statement
  • Research problem statement
  • Research challenge description
  • Practitioner challenge description
  • Abstract for a new paper
  • New product definition
  • New service definition
  • Training syllabus (of all kinds!)

Set your imagination free and see where your creative collision takes you!

We will gather and publish these creative collisions for the community at large and we expect that the combined creativity of the participants will create unexpected and inspiring ideas for the RE community, potentially forging new relationships along the way.

RE Interactive is about more than creative collisions…

Thematic Lunches (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday @ 12:30pm)

We are also organizing “Thematic Lunches” where like-minded individuals can have informal interactions on topics of interest during the lunch breaks. Please check back here nearer the conference date for more details.

Session Chair & Presentation Guides (Useful Downloads)

We will also be helping the Session Chairs to take a more dynamic role before, during and after their sessions. To assist the Session Chairs, and their presenters, we have prepared a “Good Presentation Practices Guide”. The guide provides information about basic presentation principles such as font size, number of slides, typical content, etc. but, for those presenters that want to try something new, it also presents some alternative techniques that can be used to make a presentation more interactive and perhaps even more interesting. For the Session Chairs, we have provided a guide to explain the role and to help you plan for a more interactive paper session.

Download RE’13 Good Presentation Practices Guide

Download RE’13 Session Chair Guide

Get Involved!

RE Interactive is about the people attending the conference. Your Interaction Chairs will be working with our local hosts in many ways to facilitate your conference experience – please do not hesitate to interact with us too! You will be able to spot us because we will be wearing…

We are looking forward to seeing everyone in Rio!