RE’13 is now over - thank you for joining us!


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Key Dates in 2013

  • July 15: Doctoral Symposium
  • July 15-16: Workshops & Tutorials
  • July 17-19: Main Conference

FOUR Panel Sessions @ RE’13

Panel sessions are an opportunity for a mix of people to come together to air and argue their positions on particular RE topics of the day. Under the control of a proficient moderator, debate among the panelists is facilitated, and audience discussion is encouraged. Got an opinion? Come along and see if your views are represented. If not, have your say!

1) A Working Panel to Explore the RE Challenges Associated with Engineering Complex Systems (Wednesday @ 2:30pm)

Title: Identifying Top Challenges for International Research on Requirements Engineering for Systems of Systems Engineering
Moderator: Cornelius Ncube (University of Bournemouth, UK)
Panelists: Judith Dahmann (The MITRE Corporation, USA)
Anthony Finkelstein (University College London, UK)
Alan Harding (BAE Systems, UK)
Nancy Mead (SEI, CMU, USA)
Abstract: “Due to an increasingly connected society and industry, our modern societal world and all industry sectors now increasingly depend on large-scale complex Systems of Systems (SoS). This emergence of SoS and Systems of Systems Engineering is largely driven by societal needs including public services such as health, transport, water, energy, smart spaces, food security, etc. The scale, complexities and challenges presented by the emergence of SoS require us to go beyond traditional Requirements Engineering (RE) approaches and practices. However, as is evident from publications in major Requirements Engineering conferences and journals, no significant effort has been expedited towards addressing specific RE issues for Systems of Systems Engineering. This panel explores key RE challenges in Systems of Systems Engineering in which the international RE community should focus its research and, what approaches are likely to meet these challenges most effectively.” [From the RE’13 Proceedings]

2) An Interactive Panel that Puts Contestants Head-to-Head and Under Industry Spotlight to Investigate Technology Transfer (Thursday @ 4:30pm)

Title: Ready-Set-Transfer: Technology Transfer in the Requirements Engineering Domain
Moderators: Jane Cleland-Huang (DePaul University, USA)
Smita Ghaisas (Tata Consulting Services, India)
Industry: Carlos Henrique Duarte (National Bank for Economic and Social Development of Brasil, Brasil)
Tony Gorschek (Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden)
Sarah Gregory (Intel, USA)
Contestants: TBA
Abstract: “Requirements engineering research is undertaken to propose innovative solutions, to develop concepts, algorithms, processes, and technologies, to validate effective solutions for important requirements-related problems, and ultimately to support the transition of important findings to practice. However prior studies have shown that successful projects often take from 20-25 years to reach the stage of full industry adoption, while many other projects fizzle out and never advance beyond the initial research phase. This panel provides the opportunity for practitioners and academics to engage in a meaningful discussion around the topic of technology transfer. In this third offering of the Ready-Set-Transfer panel, three research groups will present products that they believe to be industry-ready to a panel of industrial practitioners. Each team will receive feedback from the panelists. The long-term goal of the panel is to increase technology transfer in the requirements engineering domain.” [From the RE’13 Proceedings]

3) An RE@21 Panel to Figure Out Our Own Requirements -- Where Do We Go Next and How? (Friday @ 11am)

Title: Future Directions of the RE Conference and its Community
Moderator: Neil Maiden (City University London, UK)
Panelists: AnthonyAnthony Finkelstein (University College London, UK)
Tony Gorschek (Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden)
Martin Mahaux (University of Namur, Belgium)
Alistair Mavin (Rolls Royce PLC, UK)
RoelWieringa (University of Twente, The Netherlands)

Abstract: “It is becoming clear that, after 21 successful years of the IEEE International Requirements Engineering Conference and Symposium, more and more community members are expressing different views about what the preferred scope, aims and activities of the community. Who should be involved academics, practitioners, or both, and what should the new aims of the requirements community be? Whilst there are currently many unanswered questions, one thing seems to be agreed by most – that the current status quo is increasingly unacceptable. … To debate the issues, we have carefully selected 4 panelists, and some of the panelists and their colleagues have produced short papers that outline their positions for the panel. … In case you are in any doubt, this panel will not be for the fainthearted. Not only do each of the positions challenge us to think about requirements engineering research and advanced practice in different ways, but the panel will be composed of 4 past and future conference program chairs, all of whom will not be shy about sharing their views with anyone who will listen.” [From the RE’13 Proceedings]

4) Profiling RE in Brasil -- A Keynote Panel for the Capstone Plenary (Friday @ 2:30pm)

Title: Brasilian Perspectives on Software Production
Moderator: Julio Cesar Leite (PUC-Rio, Brasil)
Panelists: Karin Brietman (EMC, Brasil)
Roberto Leite (Siemens Chemtec, Brasil)
Jaime Sábat (Accenture, Brasil)
Abstract: “This keynote panel will explore different perspectives on software production from three very experienced leaders in large companies in Brasil. The panelists will present a blend of industrial research and industrial development experiences, and their requirements engineering challenges will be discussed.” [From the RE’13 Proceedings]

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