RE’13 is now over - thank you for joining us!


  • RE’13 presentation slides now available from the Downloads page.

Key Dates in 2013

  • July 15: Doctoral Symposium
  • July 15-16: Workshops & Tutorials
  • July 17-19: Main Conference

THREE Mini-Tutorials @ RE’13

Mini-tutorials are practical skill sessions, delivered by leading practitioners and academics in the RE field. This year we focus on sharing lessons on how to get requirements management tools up and running in an organization, and on how to apply the very popular i* approach to goal modelling in practice. We also introduce a new type of mini-tutorial: we have asked each instructor who offered a full day or half day tutorial prior to the main days of the RE conference to select a key nugget from their tutorial to teach to the rest of the RE’13 audience (think of these as micro tutorials if you like). We view this as an ideal way to get a quick taster on a whole portfolio of useful RE practices and techniques. So, if you are here to learn about handy things to take back to the workplace, then the mini-tutorials are for you!

1) Micro Tutorials: Lots of Key Nuggets to Put into Practice (Wednesday @ 11am)

Title: Top Tips You can Apply Immediately to Projects -- Highlights from the RE’13 Tutorials

Organizers: Maria Lencastre (Universidade de Pernambuco, Brasil)
Joy Beatty (Seilevel Inc., USA)
Instructors: João Araújo (Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal)
Joy Beatty (Seilevel Inc., USA)
Jean-Michel Bruel (Institut de Recherche en Informatique de Toulouse, France)
Erica Mourão da Silva (IBM, Brasil)
Marcelo do Carmo Coelho (IBM, Brasil)
Sarah Gregory (Intel, USA)
James Hulgan (Seilevel Inc., USA)
Angel Roman (MDE Systems Inc., USA)
Bruce Trask (MDE Systems Inc., USA)
Marcelo Tueiv (IBM, Brasil)
Roel Wieringa (University of Twente, The Netherlands)
Abstract: “This mini-tutorial highlights and conveys key practices in Requirements Engineering that can be applied in daily projects. It synthesizes the essence of six tutorials presented at the RE’13 Tutorial’s sessions, and so promotes a great opportunity for a wider audience to learn from practice and have knowledge transfer. Besides that, this session is a great stimulus to increase the global synergy between industry and academia.” [From the RE’13 Proceedings]

2) How to Select a Requirements Management Tool AND Get it Adopted in the Workplace (Thursday @ 2:30pm)

Title: Winning the Hidden Battle: Requirements Tool Selection and Adoption

Instructor: Joy Beatty
Abstract: “This mini-tutorial will provide an overview of one approach to a requirements management (RM) tool evaluation. The guidance will focus on how this evaluation process and results can be adapted to work in any organization. Finally, the mini-tutorial concludes with the major challenges organizations face in implementing RM tools and suggestions to overcome them.” [From the RE’13 Proceedings]

3) Interested in Applying Goal Modeling in Practice? Come See How Others Have Done it (Friday @ 11am)

Title: Practical Application of i* in Industry: The State of the Art

Instructors: Eric Yu (University of Toronto, Canada)
Daniel Amyot (University of Ottawa, Canada)
Jaelson Castro (Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, Brasil) Xavier Franch (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Spain)
Gunter Mussbacher (University of Ottawa, Canada)
Abstract: “i* is a goal-oriented and agent-oriented modeling framework that focuses on the analysis of intentional and strategic relationships among actors. In this mini-tutorial, we highlight a number of recent applications in practical industrial and business settings.” [From the RE’13 Proceedings]

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